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The high voltage power transmission system & telecommunication network is an important lifeline for mankind. These systems are built to be robust and withstand extreme environmental conditions. The electrical grid is one of the most important piece of infrastructure providing energy sustenance to everyone while the communications network keeps us connected.

Arcon offers engineering services for the design of reliable and stable power transmission lines, electrical substations and telecommunication structures. We deploy our highly skilled and experienced capabilities in steel structural engineering, foundation designing and structural detailing/drafting to provide our customers optimum solutions specific to the requirements and the region's electrical/environmental code provisions. The technically sound designs generated by our engineers and supported by full scale model testing produces Cost Optimum & Reliable Towers. We have Global Expertise having executed projects in many countries especially in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australia & South America and are proficient with requirements & code specifications across regions.

Tower Design Software

towerCAD is a user-friendly software suite for analysis & designing of steel lattice type transmission line, communication towers and substation supporting structures developed by Arcon. The conventional structural design software prevalent in the market lack many specialized features which are required for tower design. towerCAD plugs the gap by offering a versatile suite of advance tools which are designed specifically for such applications. The parametric panel library has all possible lattice arrangements possible and helps user to generate structure geometry quickly & accurately. World wide tower design code procedures & loading parameters are duly embedded in the towerCAD software. This innovative software was borne out of 40+ years of experience in designing, testing and deployment of steel latticed towers. It is estimated that towerCAD has been applied in designing over 1,000 successfully deployed active towers in various geographies. Its interactive and intelligent algorithm helps tower designer to optimally modeled the tower geometry and profile selection.

Project Management

Arcon serve our clients by acting as consultee’s exclusive agent throughout the planning, designing and construction phases by ensuring quality, cost and schedules are met. We are able to make decisions and recommendations strictly with our client’s interest in mind to solve complex problems. Building effective systems, using latest technology, ensures that all projects managed by Arcon are optimally delivered from conceptualization to completion. Our managers and engineers work together with context, transparency and improved communication with the sole focus on project delivery within the boundaries of cost, quality and time.

We manage our project in various areas: